So I’ve had almost 2 years of not writing, and I think over a year since I updated this page 😱

I spent some time on my Bowen business and studying – which I will return to the studying – and also building a business in a company which has helped me in my healing journey from breast cancer.

I thought I was done with the whole writing thing, but I’ve come to realise I’m not truly happy unless I am writing. I am planning on doing some short stories which I will likely share here, but will also edit the half dozen other stories I wrote a couple years ago so I can enter them to publishing companies. I do not really have the time or the money to self publish any more books, but if I can’t get a publishing company on board, then I may rethink things.

Who know what the future holds?

Watch this space…

Published by kristykamin

Author, love to write YA fiction and blogs about diversity - particularly disabilities.

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