It’s Here!!!

Endless Moonlight is the new Paranormal Romance anthology containing six beautiful short stories by indie and traditionally published authors, including me. I feel so honoured to have my story and name alongside these amazing authors. My short story, The Amber and the Rose, is about a pandemic and a vaccine. The result – almost halfContinue reading “It’s Here!!!”

It’s been a tough couple months

My great intention of getting my latest work completed before Christmas was knocked out of the water when the cancer decided to take over my life the past couple of months. While the November scan showed no growth of the tumors, the skin on my breast was saying otherwise. So, in November, I went throughContinue reading “It’s been a tough couple months”

At last – the final two pieces of news you have been waiting for.

The first one is that I have had not one but two publishers interested in my latest WIP (work in progress), and I’m just waiting for the contract to peruse before making my final decision. I am really excited because this WIP includes many diverse characters, fulfilling my passion for diverse characters in fiction. SomeContinue reading “At last – the final two pieces of news you have been waiting for.”

Do you need a guide to the galaxy?

Well it’s finally here! After much hard work and the joint effort of fourteen authors from Dystopian Ink, our anthology, ‘The Dystopian Guide to the Galaxy is now available in both eBook, paperback and hardcover through Amazon. Click on link below to take you there. I have read this book from cover to cover andContinue reading “Do you need a guide to the galaxy?”

An update teaser

So, I have three pieces of exciting news – the first of which I have already told those who receive my newsletters (if you want to be the first in the know, as well as receive freebies, discounts and the first few chapters of Somnium for free, then sign up at the ‘join here‘ iconContinue reading “An update teaser”

What to do . . . with Covid times two . . .

The Kamin household has been pretty crazy the past couple of months. First my eighteen-year-old got Covid, for which we all had to isolate for seven days; then a week after we were allowed out into the world again, my twelve-year-old came down with it. This has meant 24/7 parenting (no school), homeschooling, and tryingContinue reading “What to do . . . with Covid times two . . .”

Twas the night before Christmas…

Well, not quite. But close enough. This will be my final blog for 2021. December is crazy in the Kamin household, especially this year. We have had two graduate high school and one graduate primary school, which meant preparing for graduation nights, a prom, as well as preparations for my twelve-year-old’s new school next year.Continue reading “Twas the night before Christmas…”

Vampires and other paranormal creatures…

I am so excited to announce that my Vampire short story (titled The Amber and the Rose), will soon be available to purchase in the new amazing anthology by Nightshade Publishing, LLC; Endless Moonlight! Click here to preorder In the meantime, I am on my final edits of my latest work in progress and amContinue reading “Vampires and other paranormal creatures…”

And the surprises keep on coming…

My family and I went away for a week long beach holiday, graciously paid for by the Cancer Council. We had a wonderful and relaxing time. I needed some radiotherapy before we left, and so the first couple days I was pretty unwell, but after that things were much better. Although the cancer is thereContinue reading “And the surprises keep on coming…”