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2nd July 2017;

So I have finally managed to get around to updating my site, and I have the awesome news that I have finally finished my first book! Here I am with the first copy. Please scroll below, to the link to purchase a copy.

Back cover:

Back cover photo


DSC_0026 September 2016: At this stage I am working on the final revision of my first book in a two part series. This series is a Young Adult Science Fiction set in a future Utopian earth, with diverse characters. The protagonist in the first book has Cerebral Palsy, but that doesn’t stop her from saving the earth’s people from the antagonist’s destructive plan.




I have been working on my second Edition of Somnium. In the past few years, I have written 5 books (yet to be published) and half a dozen short stories. I feel I have grown so much in that time, that in rereading Somnium, I felt I could greatly improve on it. So keep an eye out for my Second Edition of Somnium, where I have added a chapter, and revised a lot of the original work. I really hope you enjoy the new edition, and I have also started on my edits of Somnium part 2, which I am very excited about. 

Below is the front cover of Somnium’s Second Edition, and it’s not long until the final reveal of the Somnium advert!

front cover with tattoo


The Somnium1 book trailer is here!!

Click on link here.


Somnium 2nd Edition with new dystopian look cover is finally here!

Purchase your hard copy here:

Purchase Somnium 2021 edition with new Dystopian cover here:

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