Goodbye to 2017

So 2017 was not the best year for many people. It almost felt like the ‘gods were against us’.

In my little corner of the world; I published a book, that seemingly went nowhere. I was under constant stress working while studying full time, then trying to build a new business (while raising 4 kids). On top of it all, I was constantly sick.

Things finally started looking up later in the year. I found myself an awesome doctor who won’t settle for anything less than a definite answer, and by October we found out what was up with my body. I’m now on medication – mostly supplements – and slowly starting to improve.

Then I won a book award! Which was definitely the highlight of my year!

Anyway, I’m believing for a better 2018. With improving health, business starting to get better, and new Support Workers who help with Hayley – and now also the housework (bliss!).

I hope 2018 is a better year for everyone.


Published by kristykamin

Author, love to write YA fiction and blogs about diversity - particularly disabilities.

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