Twas the night before Christmas…

Well, not quite. But close enough. This will be my final blog for 2021.

December is crazy in the Kamin household, especially this year. We have had two graduate high school and one graduate primary school, which meant preparing for graduation nights, a prom, as well as preparations for my twelve-year-old’s new school next year. Having cerebral palsy means a lot of organising the months leading up to starting a new school. On top of that, we have had meetings for the NDIS upcoming reviews, and end of year appointments.

In regards to my writing, I have been liaising with my Beta readers on my latest WIP; having interviews for my latest work ‘The Amber and The Rose’ in the Moonlight Anthology; marketing; and working on the first draft of my latest WIP.

In between all of that, I’m having as many rest breaks as possible, as cancer slows me down, and if I don’t have regular breaks then I simply crash and burn.

I have to add here that I also recently completed reading the first book in a series by author, Natalie Cammaratta, called Falling and Uprising.

Although this book took me a few months to read, that was only due to the extreme lethargy I have been experiencing with my cancer treatment. This book really is a page-turner, and I enjoyed every moment. It’s a dystopian, but different to most I have read. It was fast-paced and really drew me in and I can’t wait to start on the sequel.

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I wish you all an amazing Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Kwanzaa/ Omisoka/ Holiday.

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Author, love to write YA fiction and blogs about diversity - particularly disabilities.

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