Feb 27/2020 Update

I hadn’t realised just how much time and effort has to go into making a short advert! We have completed all the filming (thanks to my teenage son, my daughters, and their friends and cousins). My teenage son is going through the long editing process, and I’m just waiting impatiently – LOL! At this stage, we are planning on it being ready by halfway through March at the latest, but as far as computers go, you never know what’s around the corner. I have finally completed my revision of Somnium 1, and just waiting for the publishing company to be finished on their end. I’m currently working on a new novel which I’m very excited about, but I have started my editing of Somnium2 as well – which I’m very much hoping will be finished and published this year. It will be the second and final installment of my Somnium series, and just a warning – you may need a box of tissues sitting next to you when you read it.

Here’s hoping my next blog post is the announcement of the advert and the published second edition of Somnium1!



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Author, love to write YA fiction and blogs about diversity - particularly disabilities.

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