Apparently patience is a virtue???

So, we have an awesome IT guy checking out the computer. Looking like a problem with the motherboard. Hoping really hard that the Somnium1 advert isn’t lost 😬 Please send miracle thoughts/ prayers etc our way. In the meantime, I’m onto edit number 127 😆😉 of Somnium2. Getting very tiresome, but I don’t want toContinue reading “Apparently patience is a virtue???”

Short Story 21/12/2019

A short story I wrote a couple years ago. Language and horror warning. NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT REPRODUCE THIS STORY WITHOUT ACKNOWLEDGING ME AS AUTHOR. TO DO SO WOULD BE BOTH ILLEGAL AND IMMORAL. THANK YOU. Kristy Kamin Bloody Mary She wanders along the pavement, kicking small stones along the way. Going over this morning’sContinue reading “Short Story 21/12/2019”