It’s finally here!!!!

The long-awaited sequel to Somnium is officially available for purchase in both Paperback and eBook (links below). It’s been a long time coming, but I believe it’s worth it. Anyone interested in a signed copy can join my VIR club for more information. I hope you all enjoy the sequel, and I have a specialContinue reading “It’s finally here!!!!”

Take a seat – I have lots of exciting news!

Firstly, I finished the first draft of my new book. It took me a little under two months to write, with the words naturally flowing through me. I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with this new manuscript, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Secondly, I am officially launching the sequel toContinue reading “Take a seat – I have lots of exciting news!”

My Award Winning Short Story

I hope you enjoy! Copyright 2020 The Butterfly Effect by Kristy Kamin 14.4521° S, 132.2715° E (Katherine, Australia) The tears are leaving her flushed face to land on the broken wing of the fragile bird. If only she had swerved. But no, her father had always told her it was better to keep driving, ‘YourContinue reading “My Award Winning Short Story”

Apparently patience is a virtue???

So, we have an awesome IT guy checking out the computer. Looking like a problem with the motherboard. Hoping really hard that the Somnium1 advert isn’t lost 😬 Please send miracle thoughts/ prayers etc our way. In the meantime, I’m onto edit number 127 😆😉 of Somnium2. Getting very tiresome, but I don’t want toContinue reading “Apparently patience is a virtue???”