What to do . . . with Covid times two . . .

The Kamin household has been pretty crazy the past couple of months. First my eighteen-year-old got Covid, for which we all had to isolate for seven days; then a week after we were allowed out into the world again, my twelve-year-old came down with it.

This has meant 24/7 parenting (no school), homeschooling, and trying to write with a multitude of interruptions. Somehow in all that (and with a few bouts of being bedridden due to side effects of my cancer treatment) I managed to write a 7,000 word short story to submit for an upcoming Dystopian Anthology, finish the final edits on my latest WIP (work in progress), and research over 60+ agents to submit my latest manuscript to.

If you want to learn more about me and my author journey, please check out my Tik Toks here: https://www.tiktok.com/@kristykaminauthor

My favourite book I’ve written so far:

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Author, love to write YA fiction and blogs about diversity - particularly disabilities.

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