eBooks aren’t so bad…

So I’ve always been a lover of books. I mean REAL books. Books you can hold, and smell, and turn pages, and sit on a shelf. So, when I published my first book, I decided to only publish a hard copy – a ‘real’ book. Well, it turns out not everyone is like me. There are people who actually like to have their libraries on their electronic devices. I guess I can see the positives in that. You can read a book anywhere you want. You have a whole hoard of books to choose from on a device that fits into your bag or even pocket! So, I have decided to bite the bullet, and I have published my book as an eBook through Amazon. It is now available for sale at a smidgen of the price of the hard copy. So go check it out, and download it into your libraries to read on the bus, or at the doctors office.
As for me. You’ll see me with a giant Young Adult Fiction hard copy book bulging out of my handbag…


Published by kristykamin

Author, love to write YA fiction and blogs about diversity - particularly disabilities.

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